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Entering the UK market

Deciding to enter a new market – particularly one as complex, interconnected and important as the UK – isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.  The rewards can be high.  The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy in terms of GDP, the most generous nation in Europe and the sixth most generous nation in the world. Read more

Wicked Problems Explored

5 Traits of a Wicked Problem Solver

To find wicked solutions to wicked problems, you need wicked thinkers.  People who aren’t thinking inside of a box or outside of a box but actually questioning whether the box was necessary to begin with.  You’ve heard the old adage – give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.  Wicked problem solvers are busy rethinking the entire fishing industry. Read more

Wicked Problems Explored

Apple’s Wicked “Cool” Problem

iPod. iMac. iPad. iPhone.  For the better part of a decade, any time a word was preceded by a lowercase “i” you knew – you just knew – it was going to be cool.  How would you define that cool?  It’s not just the products themselves but the feelings that come with them.  Those white earphones – out there for everyone to see (and thus know you’ve got an iSomething of your own) meant something.  Special.  Different.  Unique.  Cool.  As the cool increased, so did sales.  But like anything, not even this could last forever. Read more

Wicked Solutions

Wicked Solutions: Four Great Gamification Tools

You may have heard the term around the water cooler – gamification.  It’s the concept of delivering important information through an engaging and interesting medium that the user would want to “play” even if it wasn’t teaching them something.  The concept has exploded in recent years, as have the available tools and software promising to quickly make you a leader in this exciting new arena.  We here at AKCG have had quite a bit of experience in this area and thought it might be helpful to offer up our four favourite tools at the moment. Read more

Wicked Problems Explored

Ten Traits of a Wicked Problem

Wicked problems aren’t new, but the arsenal to solve them certainly is. The term “wicked problem” seems to have reached critical mass in recent years.  There’s “buzz” around what it means, how things need to be done differently and why this classification is important.  What is perhaps less known in more recent discourse is the concept’s origin, which dates back to 1973, when Professor Horst Rittel, who taught design problem solving at U.C. Berkeley coined the term to “describe the nature of problems that are constantly changing with an innumerable number of elements and stakeholders. Read more

Wicked Problems Explored

8 ways to recognise the wicked problems holding your organisation back

It’s easy to miss the most wicked problems.  They’re often disguised in a moustache and funny hat, hidden behind internal politics, a particular personality or “the way we’ve always done things.” Having dealt with truly wicked problems for quite some time, whether it’s optimising supply chains in UN refugee camps or restructuring £120-million+ a year charities, at AKCG we like to think we’re fairly good at identifying and solving wicked problems. Read more

Wicked Solutions

London’s Wicked Expensive Office Space Problem – Our Solution

We’re all familiar with the fabled tales of London’s exorbitant housing prices on a personal level.  Even if you haven’t rented office space for a business no doubt you’d believe that is equally excessive.  In fact, office space in the City’s “Cheesegrater” was rented for an out-of-this-world £90 per square foot!  Average prices are now hovering at £65 per square foot with no end in sight to the skyrocketing prices despite the pace at which new buildings are being thrown up.  Most space is being pre-let, meaning companies and organisations are committing to 3, 5 and 10-year contracts years before the space is even available to them.  It seems supply will be doggedly low for the foreseeable future, with demand – or at least perceived demand – staying high enough to maintain what is arguably inflated market. Read more


Your Top 5 CIC Questions Answered

We all know what companies and charities are well, but did you know that in the UK there’s a “something in the middle” of sorts?  That’s right, the UK has another type of registration called a CIC – Community Interest Company and more commonly understood as a social enterprise.  It’s the operating mentality of a limited company with the heart of a charity. The existence of this type of organisation is, in and of itself, quite extraordinary and rare.  We at AKCG operate a CIC and we also help community interest organisations start CICs here in the UK.  Taking from that experience, we thought we’d answer your most common questions about them. Read more

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