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Wicked Solutions

Wicked Solutions

Wicked Solutions: Four Great Gamification Tools

You may have heard the term around the water cooler – gamification.  It’s the concept of delivering important information through an engaging and interesting medium that the user would want to “play” even if it wasn’t teaching them something.  The concept has exploded in recent years, as have the available tools and software promising to quickly make you a leader in this exciting new arena.  We here at AKCG have had quite a bit of experience in this area and thought it might be helpful to offer up our four favourite tools at the moment. Read more

Wicked Solutions

London’s Wicked Expensive Office Space Problem – Our Solution

We’re all familiar with the fabled tales of London’s exorbitant housing prices on a personal level.  Even if you haven’t rented office space for a business no doubt you’d believe that is equally excessive.  In fact, office space in the City’s “Cheesegrater” was rented for an out-of-this-world £90 per square foot!  Average prices are now hovering at £65 per square foot with no end in sight to the skyrocketing prices despite the pace at which new buildings are being thrown up.  Most space is being pre-let, meaning companies and organisations are committing to 3, 5 and 10-year contracts years before the space is even available to them.  It seems supply will be doggedly low for the foreseeable future, with demand – or at least perceived demand – staying high enough to maintain what is arguably inflated market. Read more

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Winrock and AKCG – Services and Solutions for a Complex World

LONDON, England and WASHINGTON DC, USA – Winrock International is a storied organisation founded by one of the Rockefeller family in Arkansas to help support economic development, sustainable agriculture and the families and communities who depend upon them.  Now, over seventy years later, Winrock International is a leader in international development as well, with over $120m in project revenue annually, and works in over fifty countries around the world.

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