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Internews Europe and AKCG – Building an Agile Brexit Plan

“Fake news”, “alternative facts”, “gaslighting campaigns”, “weaponised disinformation”, and “hacked elections” – a free and dynamic media is key to the stability and health of any government and accountability to its citizens.  The job of building, supporting and enabling journalists and citizens around the world is hard enough in 2017, but made even harder when your office is in London and Brexit threatens your European funding.

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World Learning and AKCG – Technology for Business and Development

WASHINGTON DC, USA – World Learning is a complex global operation with three corporate offices, a university campus, over 4000 staff and projects and offices in over sixty countries around the world.  And when they needed to bring their corporate technology architecture into line with their 21st century strategy and operations, they called AKCGlobal to help.

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AKCG News Wicked Solutions

Winrock and AKCG – Services and Solutions for a Complex World

LONDON, England and WASHINGTON DC, USA – Winrock International is a storied organisation founded by one of the Rockefeller family in Arkansas to help support economic development, sustainable agriculture and the families and communities who depend upon them.  Now, over seventy years later, Winrock International is a leader in international development as well, with over $120m in project revenue annually, and works in over fifty countries around the world.

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PEFC and AKCG – Sustainable Forestry: Never More Important, Never More Difficult

LONDON, England and GENEVA, Switzerland – What do you do when you’ve already certified the ‘easy’ 300 million hectares of the world’s forests – 10% of the planet’s entire covered area – but the remaining 90% is in countries without functioning governments, at war, suffering from extreme poverty, under attack by changing climate, or worth more burned down than standing?  AKCG is helping PEFC to build a five-year strategy to solve one of the most wicked problems in the world.

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AKCGlobal and SIS Software announce joint venture

LONDON, England and LEIPZIG, Germany — AKCGlobal Ltd and SIS Software GmbH today announced a joint venture to provide intelligent, versatile and personalised mass-scale event management tools.

The joint venture brings together AKCGlobal’s global strategy, change and complex-systems expertise with SIS Software’s crowd management, messaging and mobile command solutions.

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