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World Learning, a large US-based charity, wanted to open a European office to access new funding, extend their Mission and deepen the impact of their 1500 staff working globally to improve education, strengthen civil society and build cross-cultural understanding. They approached AKCGlobal for support to find the most cost-effective way to build a dynamic and competitive presence in Europe while minimising risk.


Over the course of a year, AKCGlobal helped World Learning develop a business model, operationalised the London-based company, recruited its Managing Director, and now incubates the start-up as part of AKCG's AGORA network, providing both administrative support (tax, accounting, payroll, production, IT) and a wide range of professional services (digital, marketing, design, strategic, project management) by the hour.

Client Testimonials

“AKCGlobal was already on the ground in London, understood international development, knew the ins-and-outs of opening a UK office, and made it all happen in half the cost and time it would have taken if we’d done it ourselves.” - Scott Lansell, Divisional Vice-President for Business Development, World Learning (US)

“With AKCGlobal managing our infrastructure and back-office, and providing access to their staff and consultants at discounted hourly rates, I have the reach and resources of a four-person team, and can focus almost exclusively on fundraising, marketing and project management.” - Michele Turner, Managing Director, World Learning Europe

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Research has shown that major commercial, organisational and social change projects most commonly fail for a number of reasons: insufficient scoping to identify key challenges, underestimation of project complexity, variable understanding and priorities among key sponsors, and lack of consistent messaging from senior management. We invest in deep engagement and scoping processes to create a cohesive whole, a common vision and message, and an accurate view of the challenge.

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The best people

We all recognise that the world is becoming more complex, so AKCGlobal looks for people with a combination of fierce willpower, powerful intellect, passionate heart and genuine humility. We then sort those to find the ones who are also comfortable with high levels of complexity, ambiguity and change and are possessed by a voracious curiosity. Diversity isn’t just a strength, it’s a requirement. The AKCGlobal team is simply interconnected to deliver complex value. – Meet our team here

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  • Strategic Planning
  • "Where are we going?""What makes us unique?"Why choose us?"

    We think that the best strategy is the one that everyone in the organisation can understand, remember and see their place within. AKCGlobal can work with your customers or beneficiaries, your staff and volunteers, your management, executive and board to understand the current state of your business, the future state that you aspire to and the case for change to get you there. We’ll identify the barriers in the way, and a strategy to get you over, around or through them. But we’ll also map the cultural changes that need to happen as well, assess the viability of your products and services, review your systems and digital presence, and build the staff and skill profiles necessary to not just grow the business, but the people within it as well.

  • Business Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Strategy
  • AGORA - Your London Office
  • Interim Management

Client Case StudyWorld Learning - WASHINGTON D.C.

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