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Wicked Solutions

Wicked Solutions: Four Great Gamification Tools

You may have heard the term around the water cooler – gamification.  It’s the concept of delivering important information through an engaging and interesting medium that the user would want to “play” even if it wasn’t teaching them something.  The concept has exploded in recent years, as have the available tools and software promising to quickly make you a leader in this exciting new arena.  We here at AKCG have had quite a bit of experience in this area and thought it might be helpful to offer up our four favourite tools at the moment.

Most addictive affordable tool: Qzzr

Ever clicked on a Buzzfeed quiz promising to tell you what city you are then found yourself an hour later elbow deep in some alternate universe where you’re trying to unpick whether you’re more of a Marilyn or a Madonna?  We feel you.  Now, imagine that level of addictive engagement but geared towards learning, development or marketing of your brand, product, policies and procedures.  That’s Qzzr.  It takes less than thirty minutes to build an engaging quiz that can be company or consumer facing, and drive people into their own spiral of gamified learning.

Best platform for mobile: Plyfe

Ever envision introducing a new product line or training on fire safety with Tindr?  Neither did we until Plyfe came along.  The mobile-optimised platform offer nearly a dozen different game styles from timed trivia to tindr-inspired swiping to engage, activate and amplify your existing campaigns or L&D plans.  We couldn’t stop swiping.

Leaderboard leader: Badgeville

Badgeville was one of the original “big boys” in gamification.  Whether it’s customer or employee facing, Badgeville uses engagement, activities and games to fuel competition through a virtual leaderboard that shows you where you rank against colleagues or fellow customers.  You earn “badges” for anything from the most miles travelled to fewest spelling mistakes in quarterly reports.  Connect those points to offline incentives from vouchers to cash bonuses and you’ve got a virtual/in-real-life link that keeps people far more engaged than four hours of powerpoint one a month.

Best in show: Axonify

Newer to the game (no pun intended) but with a truly unique offering, Axonify combines classic addictive games like candy crush and snake with confidence-based learning to completely rewrite learning and development.  An entirely back-end tool, Axonify tracks progress by employee, ranks participants against one another and allows learning objectives to be absorbed through one of twenty different games.  It’s entirely user-centric design is unlike anything else on the market and we love it.

You might be thinking “this is just a fad” but that’s what we were saying about powerpoint twenty years ago.  Gamified learning, which mimics leisure time activities is absolutely here to stay, so get on board now before you’re behind the curve.

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Have a wicked problem that needs solving? Get in touch for a free assessment

Have a wicked problem that needs solving? Get in touch for a free assessment

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