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Entering the UK market

Deciding to enter a new market – particularly one as complex, interconnected and important as the UK – isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.  The rewards can be high.  The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy in terms of GDP, the most generous nation in Europe and the sixth most generous nation in the world. Read more


Your Top 5 CIC Questions Answered

We all know what companies and charities are well, but did you know that in the UK there’s a “something in the middle” of sorts?  That’s right, the UK has another type of registration called a CIC – Community Interest Company and more commonly understood as a social enterprise.  It’s the operating mentality of a limited company with the heart of a charity. The existence of this type of organisation is, in and of itself, quite extraordinary and rare.  We at AKCG operate a CIC and we also help community interest organisations start CICs here in the UK.  Taking from that experience, we thought we’d answer your most common questions about them. Read more

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