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Wicked Awesome: World Learning Europe Launches London HQ

“World Learning’s approach is contextualized and informed by critical thinking and analysis, demonstrated by our commitment to community and local partnership.”  With that Michele Turner, managing director of World Learning Europe (WLE) introduced the organisation to the UK, Europe and the world with a clear goal to enhance the capacity of individuals, institutions, and communities.

WLE is part of the World Learning Inc. family, a $131 million USD organisation that operates in more than 60 countries around the world.  Now able to actively seek partners, funders and consultants in the UK and the EU more broadly, WLE will focus its work in four key areas:

  • Enhancing civil society capability and sustainability;
  • Promoting decent jobs and economic growth for all;
  • Working towards quality, accessible education for all;
  • Enabling disenfranchised youth, women and girls.

More than fifty people joined Michele, Carol Jenkins, President of World Learning, Scott Lansell, VP for Business Development and the AKCG team in the north tower of London’s iconic Tower Bridge to mark the occasion, representing the private sector, charity sector and multiple government bodies and agencies.  Renowned senior BBC journalist Pooneh Ghoddoosi was on hand to mark the occasion.  Particularly drawn to WLE’s commitment to inclusive learning, she challenged those present and people more broadly to consider knowledge and experience not by what they know and where they have been but instead by what they have left to learn and where they have left to travel – a fascinating perspective from a truly global citizen.

From here, WLE will continue to grow with the ongoing support of AKCGlobal as part of their AGORA network, providing both administrative support (tax, accounting, payroll, production, IT) and a wide range of professional services (digital, marketing, design, strategic, project management) by the hour.  If you’re an organisation looking to get going in the UK drop AKCG a note to find out more about AGORA.

If you are a consultant, potential partner or funder that sees potential working with World Learning Europe please get in touch directly.

For more information, contact us at: [email protected]

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Have a wicked problem that needs solving? Get in touch for a free assessment

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